Oakwood Striper Club

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Membership Benefits

Best Anglers North of Buford Dam

Monthly Meetings

Join us on the 3rd Monday of each month for tips, techniques, education and fellowship.

Closed Tournaments

Enter 2- and 3-fish tournaments year round, and get qualified for great year-end prizes! We also join local charity tournaments and support our community.

Guides and Resources

Learn from some of Georgia's best Striper fishing guides and Georgia Department of Natural Resources' speakers.

Friendship & Fellowship

You're not alone! Share the success, excitement, and struggles of striper fishing. Whether you're a weekend angler or fishing competitively, you WILL improve your enjoyment and success. 

Upcoming Events

Members, Leaders, and Sponsors

There are lots of ways you can get involved with the Oakwood Striper Club. From membership to sponsorship, there’s a place for everyone!

Member Testimonials

“I love joining the tournaments and learning from the folks who have been around longer than me. It's always a blast.”
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“The Oakwood Striper Club is awesome. I've made lots of friends and have some the best fishing buddies a girl could ask for.”
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